WILLIAM DEMPS is the manifestation of the living word. In his newest season, The Bridge of Hope; Demps is bridging the gap between the church and the people of deferred faith with intention to call them back to love and the love of God. Demps challenges his listeners to put hope before everything and love unconditionally to find yourself on the other side of adversity. Demps communally serves his hometown of Seattle, WA and blesses a specific community as the Assistant Pastor of the Paradise of Praise Ministry.
Demp’s latest single “Alright” due to drop March 18th of 2022 speaks to this message specifically. Demps describes “Alright” as a call for upliftment with the pursuit of people reaching their highest potential in times of uncertainty. With the fearlessness of endless exploration into the questions and dynamics of God’s journey, Demps confidently declares that his music is for those that are becoming.
William has been kept in God’s favor throughout his career from touring the world, collaborations with critically acclaimed artists to gracing and dominating television. In 2007, Demps released his second independent studio recording Just a Reminder after receiving his break in 2005 on John P. Kee’s New Artist Compilation. With growing success, Demps has shared stages with legends such as Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Ricky Dillard with a striking list that follows. Demps was a season 7 finalist on BET’s Sunday’s Best while also appearing on various television appearances from 2014 to 2015. Demps also has writing credits with notable artists including BET’s Sunday’s Best winners Crystal Aikin, Geoffrey Golden who appeared on the 2016 WOW Gospel Compilation, Melvin Crispell (“My Dance is Victory”, that charted to No.5 on Billboard) as well as Grammy Nominated VaShawn Mitchell.
Demps continues to work on his own music in a way that showcases his journey and his walk into his divine authority. Demp’s first project was self-Titled “William B Demps Jr” project in 2004 where his song “Will you be Ready” was pulled by John Kee for his compilation project. Demps was a featured Artist on Earnest Pugh’s “Gospel Rising Stars” compilation project which was Stellar Award Nominated in 2015. Demp’s other prominent projects include: Endless Possibilities in 2018, Single “Beauty out of you” in 2017, “God’s Gonna Do It” in 2019, and even his Christmas rendition of “This Christmas” in 2021, Demps continues to showcase his gift and light proving that Williams Demps can will only get better.
Demp’s music is for those that seek soulful, thoughtful but honest motivation. Demp’s music is informed by his life experiences and wants his listeners, even his newly found listeners to know that in the midst life’s imperfections, Joy is possible.